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Soloman Pict 1Soloman was brought-up in the throbbing heart of Brixton, South London. His father is Drummie Zeb, a founding member of Aswad – the UK’s most successful reggae band ever. Inevitably Soloman was raised on a hearty diet of reggae music from birth, with everything ranging from Bob Marley and Yellow Man, right through to Musical Youth nurturing his young and influential mind. As the true son and heir of a global reggae king, Soloman was bestowed with the priceless gift of musical talent. But, as Soloman seizes hold of his rightful inheritance and launches his astounding talent as a solo singer/songwriter

As Soloman reminisces, show-business is the foundation upon which his life is built upon, “Aswad has always been my life, that’s just the way it was, I was born into it”. Soloman’s life became ‘part’ of Aswad, he grew up amongst the band, rather than simply running parallel to them. It’s not surprising therefore, that one of his earliest memories is dancing on stage at the age of just 5-years-old with Aswad and Shalamar. His passion for dance grew from that moment and a teenage Soloman went on to study dance at London’s prestigious, Brit School.

One day, Soloman overheard a track that was to be on the forthcoming Aswad album and needed a rap.  Soloman volunteered. The result was amazing and the rap secured its place on one of Aswad’s biggest UK hits to date, ‘Shine’. Video shoots, TV performances including “Top Of The Pops” and global gigs to 15,000 strong audiences followed.  As Soloman remembers “then suddenly I became part of Aswad” and I was jet-setting across the globe non-stop. It was just like a dream”. At the age of just 15-years-old, the talent of an unsuspecting Soloman had quite literally exploded across the world.

Now launching his solo career Soloman brings a fresh approach to his music and to audiences worldwide.



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