Lady Lex


Lady Lex is a London based singer/songwriter for Peckings Studio1 Records in London.

Songs released to date are:

Peckings label; God Bless The Child, Breaking Up, I’m In The Mood For Love, Love Doctor, What A Difference a Day Makes, You, Is This Love, Book Of Job, At Last, Bad Boys, Don’t Know Why & Feels So Right, Hey Little Girl and Conversation.

Cousins label: Wonderful World and Rainy Days n Mondays.

Mafia n Fluxy Label: Want To.

Riddim Works label: Let Music Feed.

Flava McGregor label: Mrs Cool and Deadly, Wanna Be With You, Come Close To Me, Addicted to Your Love, Missing You and Caught You in a Lie

Lady Lex was signed to Galaxy Records in 1985, however the contract was short lived due to a Manager that went AWOL. This artist is no stranger to production, she first started recording at home using an Atari St, Steinberg Pro 12 programme, Steinberg Pro 24 & then Cubase. During that time Lady Lex worked on several projects with local musicians, and then in 1993 met up with Roame Lowry of Maze and became part of an in-house production team involving various talented singer/songwriters/musicians. Lady Lex was invited to the US to develop her career but sadly personal committments prevented LL travelling at that time.

After taking time out to raise a family, LL decided before she retired that she wanted to release one record, so in late 2003 on a Saturday afternoon she went to Peckings records with an idea for a riddim. After a quick chat and a live audition for Chris Peckings in th shop, Lady Lex voiced her first record for Peckings “Im In The Mood For Love” and they haven’t looked back since.


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