Kitty Corbin

Kitty Corbin

Kitty CorbinKitty Corbin a recording artist singer/song writer. nominated for best newcomer by british reggae industry. she is said to be one of the uk’s finest female artists. kitty’s from north west london where she began singing at wine bars and clubs where she delivered her renditions of classic covers. Kitty hosted open mic nights where she performed with the tru xperience band.

Kitty was quickly dubbed the harmony queen having recorded with several reggae artists as a backing vocalist, working with junior english, sparky aka rugged and many meny more. her 1st single let’s try produced and recorded @stingray studio london. Kitty says she was inspired to write it following the increase of gun crime in london and around the world.

Kitty was introduced to ian levine and clive scott (deceased) from jigsaw band  where they successfully recorded on city centre records releasing 4 smash hits in northern soul accompanied with videos which receive thousands of views on you tube. Kitty 1st released single golden rule produced by sista women in reggae in 2010, a compilation album featuring artists from uk and jamaica, after having come 2nd runner up in a local talent competition.

Kitty’s driven spirit together with her determination and distinctive voice led her to share the stage with artists such as michael prophet, richie davis, vivian jones, donna marie, audrey scott, joy mack, dennis bovell, sweetie irie, levy roots, don campbell, vincent nap, paul dawkins, webby jay, gappy ranks, savana. sparky and layla rose and the late great alton ellis to name a few.  Kitty working with uk rnb artist bashiyra (the voice) supporting us rnb artist conya doss @jazz café 2011.

Completing her debut album entitled golden rule @blacklindy’s studios putting together an array of original material demonstrating her versatility and passion for the love of music. Kitty touches on delicate issues and matters of the heart and life, speaking on topics close to the hearts of many. working together on the album with diane (d bass) white, caroline (rhythm queen) williams, bubblers, nerius joseph, jah kirk and blacklindy.

Kitty captivates her audience as she takes them on a journey with her sultry and dulcet tones. Kitty formed her band the heroes where they performed @china white in the west end of london. Kitty is the backing vocalist for the legendary reggae artist max romeo from jamaica performing on his european tours with the charmax band. Kitty has also worked with lee scratch perry and the congo’s on their tours.

Kitty performed with the charmax band @02 arena london in celebration of jamaica’s 50th independence 2012. Kitty was casted for the comedy musical “you haven’t seen nothing yet” @broadway theatre catford, london and the playhouse theatre nottingham. Kitty worked with comedians kane brown, wayne dibbi rawlings, rnb singer junior giscombe, tippa irie, aundrea nyles, rory vassell brought to you by b-cos productions


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