Junior English


JUNIOR ENGLISHJunior English has celebrated with many famous singers such as Slim Smith, Derrick Morgan, Stanger Cole, Pat Kelly, Heptones, Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson and many more. I met Eddy Grant in the 70’s when he had a worldwide hit called “Baby Come Back”. He had reached a point where he wanted to adventure into the Reggae Industry, so meeting me was ideal because I was at the peak of my career as Larry Lawrence and I often visited his house in Kingsbury.

When Brinsley Ford of Aswad met me, he was a humble youth wanting to be in my corner. He visited me on a daily basis because he wanted to sing and play the guitar, so I was his inspiration. Eventually he joined my backing band and we were very busy working all over London. Brinsley did his first recording when he played on my album “The Great Junior English” and I played the bass guitar and he did his first live appearance on stage when we played in Birmingham (The Bull Ring). “Boney M” Liz Mitchell and I grew up together, we visited each other often. Her brother Bernie and I were good friends. I started travelling to the continent regularly: Liz often asked me what it was like, we lost touch for a while and the next thing I heard Liz Mitchell became successful with the group “Boney M”.

I knew Naomi Campbell from she was three years old, her mother and I used to live in the same apartment block in Milan Italy. I can recall her mum saying to me that she was unhappy because Naomi was in London and she wanted to be with her so I suggested that she should send for her and I would find her a nanny.


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