Empress Asher

Empress Asher

Empress AsherEmpress Asher is a singer/songwriter from Manchester, UK. Her musical influence is an eclectic mix of different genres including Reggae, Neo Soul, Jazz, RnB, Jungle and Pop. She has developed a neo style vocal and incorporated this with a soul and reggae sound, which works well.

Asher has collaborated with some local artists on tracks such as ‘My Jah’ featuring King Lazarus, ‘Trying My Patience’ featuring G to da Q and most recently Raindrops by Badfullstop. Zebbylion Production is the producer of these tracks.

Asher is currently working on an acoustic EP with guitarist Luc Phan, which she hopes to be releasing in the very near future. In the meantime she has completed a simple video, courtesy of Real Talk Ent, from one of the tracks which will be on her EP. The track is Raindrops (solo) which she wrote off the back of the collaboration she made with Badfullstop.

Asher’s sound is very unique and her versatility is impeccable. This is definitely one artist to look out for so please check this artist.


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  1. Phillip Gadd says:

    Keep up the works stay blessed


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