Aysha Loren

Aysha Loren (2)

Aysha Lorén is a singer-songwriter from West London and has loved music since she can remember. A former artist signed to Jet Star Records, Aysha Lorén has had the pleasure of being a support act for artists such as Destiny Child, Dru Hull, 112 and Jon B back in the late 90s.
After a long break in music to start a family, Aysha started singing again doing backing vocals and session work with various established artists, and has now decided to rekindle her solo career. “Back to you” her first single produced by Big League is soon to be released and has been getting steady airplay on the radio as well as her adaptation of Louisa Marks classic “Keep It Like It Is”.
Aysha has recently supported Sir John Holt, Christopher Ellis, and Frankie Paul, and has been making various other appearances around the UK. She has also been busy in the studio with top UK producers and musicians working on tracks for her forthcoming EP.